Sep. 1st, 2015 10:54 am
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ALBUS DUMBLEDORE remains dead, but public opinion is vastly divided about him, his role in the eventual winning of the war, whether he was a glorious manipulative bastard or a hero or both. His accumulated research notes, once collected, will keep scholars, historians, magical theorists, and people interested in the wizarding gossip of the last century or so busy for decades. Everyone has a story about him, and some of the stories are even accurate.

The didgeridoo he was given when he was looking for magical objects with bargaining potential does eventually make it back to Australia.
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As you read this, the Ministry has been truly liberated.

Thorfinn Rowle, Geoffrey Kindle, and all Ministry staff involved in the subjugation of others, you have been made redundant. Matters will go best for those currently in the building if you surrender peacefully. Indicate your intention with a sign or white handkerchief on your door.

All others in our glorious isles, what do you stand for?

Now is the time for each of you to decide. Will you join in building something new, something better than the stink of fear and the sound of pain? If so, find safe places for the vulnerable among you, do what you can to help in your immediate area, and watch the journals and listen to the Aldrich radio station for further instructions and information.

The Order of the Phoenix has wings that spread far beyond what I first envisioned, but we have always stood for freedom and choice for all. I am exceedingly proud of all who have already stood up for what is right and caring, and of all those who will do what is necessary in the coming hours and days to make a better world for all, not simply a chosen few.
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Mr Stebbins should be in touch shortly to convey the secret for Dover.
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Dear lady,

It is past time to give you a list of various items collected in my visits to various supportive parties around the country. I've some monetary donations, as well.

Item one: A goblin-made formal toasting goblet that neutralises most poisons (though not, I gather, one of the ones most commonly used by Goblins during the later Goblin Rebellions.) They might appreciate the return.

Item two: An intricate puzzlebox, deemed insoluble by the best wizarding minds of the last four centuries. The goblins might like a go, perhaps?

Item three: A brooch whose gem shifts colour in accord with astrological alignments, calculated according to the Heidelberger Schicksalsbuch manuscript (now outdated, naturally, but quite possibly of interest to the centaurs.)

Item four: Metal from a meteor fall near Hatford in 1628.

Item five: A cave-digging device, magical, of potential interest if you wish to make a treaty with the giants.

Items six through eight: Trinkets producing magical effects for entertainment - lights, sounds, and so forth. Ditto. I rather like the one that produces a flock of birds, personally.

Item nine: a children's music box that when playing, generates a field of some substantial radius that stuns anyone intending harm to children. The Black Lake merfolk might find this particularly reassuring, if it can be made to play underwater.

Item ten: A fishing spear that when blood-bonded to the owner will allow the owner to perfectly track fish cut with it. Possibly of use with the oceanic mer.

Item eleven: A carved wooden tube, about six feet long, brought back from Australia as a trophy. The current family has no idea what it does, but as soon as I asked about odd magical items they might be willing to donate to the cause, they insisted I take it, as it makes them uncomfortable. (I do not believe it is Dark magic, but there is something exceedingly odd about it.)

Order Only

Dec. 16th, 2014 06:41 pm
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Alice, dear lady.

I have several phoenix feathers available.

I rather thought Mellisandra and her apprentices might make good use of them.

Order Only

Dec. 12th, 2014 11:32 pm
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I regret to inform you all that Pomona is dead. There was no way to rescue her.

Cedric will recover, Poppy tells me.
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My dear lady, several matters.

I have been giving some thought to the wards, and their layered effects. I become more convinced we would do best to unravel them in reverse order of their casting, which brings several challenges. More than several.

Also, I remain uneasy about the demands of the Fidelius variant, but I believe my tests to determine who could cast it profitably are as complete as they will be.

I have thought or two regarding horcruxes, as well.
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My dear lady,

I have in my possession one ring (heirloom of the house of Gaunt, black stone, gold setting, near certainly a horcrux) and one sword (goblin-made, set with rubies, formerly the possession of Godric Gryffindor. Somewhat recently imbued with basilisk's blood.)

Would you care to be present when we apply the latter to the former?
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I had a visitor today who quite surprised me.
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It has been made clear to me that it would be best if you and I were to sit down and discuss various matters. Sooner, rather than later.

Saturday would be most convenient. I'm sure I can find some excuse to be absent from supper to give us adequate time for conversation.


Jun. 7th, 2013 05:00 pm
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Welcome to our new members.
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It would, all things considered, be advisable to trust Messrs. Macnair & Snape. Many people, after all, have hidden depths.

I shall look forward to conversing with them upon my return. (And, of course, to seeing the rest of you all.)
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